Hydrive e-Bike System standard kits offer different choices for every riding condition and territory use. We are proud to provide a wonderful riding experience and enjoyment through our perfect synchronization of hardware, firmware, and software. Find your best solution with lighter, stronger, and faster wheel hub motor and central motor drivetrains, also multiple optional HMI, sensor and battery specifications.


Hydrive E-Bike Solution_Hardware_city icon

Hydrive e-City System features a lightweight, efficiency and pure design, provides urban cycler a comfortable and natural riding condition. Light up your commute experience effortlessly across the seam of the city.

-Best-in-class 250 W rear hub motor
-320 Wh large capacity carrier battery
-Best value torque sensor
-Standard carrier available


Hydrive E-Bike Solution_Hardware_trekking icon

Hydrive e-Trekking System provides great energy-efficiency and endurance to support your every adventure
whether riding at steep climbs or break the winds. Light up your tour and exploration of every territory.

-Best-in-class 250 W rear hub motor
-350 Wh in-tube battery
-Best value torque sensor
-All-in-one LCD remote control


Hydrive-E-Bike-Solution_Hardware_mtb icon

The Hydrive e-MTB System with Brose central motor is the best solution for extreme athletes who pursuits high handling and performance. The power of e-MTB extends your exciting uphill or downhill challenge, light up the moment of breaking limitation.

-90 Nm torque
-high performance Brose central motor
-600 Wh high capacity in-tube battery
-All-in-one LCD remote control

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