How we achieve
both performance and
incredible natural riding feel?

The Hydrive e-Bike System

Not just a bike with a motor, the e-bike system is more a bridge that connects human and technology. An e-bike system requires the synchronization of hardware, firmware, and software to build a perfect link between the rider’s movements with the drive.

Core Technology: Optimized System Design

The Hydrive e-bike system uses compound algorithms to combine and analyze various signals from e-bikes, such as cadence, torque and riding speed. It is designed to provide appropriate performance for all bike models, riding terrains and riding purposes; to give riders the proper power assistance and to maintain a natural riding experience.

Through our technique, we can provide different riding features for even the same hardware set on various types of bikes. To put it briefly, we define our standard systems by three performance indicators: durability, response and motor support.


The maximum riding distance with support

At every different riding scenario, our system maintains the highest motor efficiency through our firmware fine-tuned technology, it significantly extends the e-bike riding range.


The real-time pedaling feedback

A better response related to a higher signal resolution to achieves faster reactions corresponding to rider’s pedaling. This achieves a sporty riding feel but with higher power riding consumption.

Motor support ratio

The amount of riding support directly from the motor

Larger motor support ratio gives a stronger boost when pedaling. The performance of Hydrive system is programmable, thus we can provide different motor support for different riding purposes.

Instant Support Level Control &
Customary Performance Setting

Instant Support Level Control

Before or during the ride, riders can use the console to adjust the riding support level.

Customary Performance Setting

Through the Hydrive app or service tool, users can further customize performance according to their riding preferences. For example, urban commuters set “City Mode” to emphasize range more than motor support ratio and response. Alternatively, sports riders can set it to “Sport Mode” to gain more motor support for steep slopes or faster acceleration.

Ride to Feel

What we valued most is the experience of riding, even the most delicate feeling. We applied this Optimized System Design to our e-System Standard Kit after multiple riding trials and numerical adjustments. Take your test ride to feel the excellent cycling moment.




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